Awesome engagement session this evening… which brings me on to the topic “why do an engagement shoot?” ….well…

1) its an awesome way of getting to know each other and breaking the ice to ease the pressure on the big day.

2) planting a few seeds in the back of your mind in terms of direction and looking your best in front of camera

3) Reviewing photos to see how you look on the big screen (your feedback is great for me too)

4) Save the dates (I love giving these away complimentary)

5) Sign boards – mega popular way of fusing photography with your guests messages

6) Great photography for our amazing new feature… Wedding website where you can communicate with your guests (more info coming soon on this one)

7) and most importantly… fast forward a few years when the first grey hair appears or even further when the kids are all grown up… a great way of remembering a precious time before you got married that one day will seem a lifetime ago.


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