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It’s fair to say that our first interaction or introduction to a company is normally visual, whether it be a website, Facebook page, brochure, or a commercial. We have one aim – to help you make your visual identity beautiful through photography, video and graphic design. There are also associated services that sometimes go hand in hand with these like script writing and brand identity. We can also help with these areas too.


A picture paints a thousand words

Photography objectives for companies vary greatly depending on the intended use. Images are invaluable for projecting a company’s personality or mission statement, illustrating products and services and introducing faces of the company to new customers. It’s always best to have a goal in mind before you pick up the phone. If you are at the stage where you “need a few photos for your site” but are unsure on how to proceed, we’d be happy to have a chat and discuss what your objectives and offer some suggestions.

If you are needing photographs to support a marketing campaign, please do let us know as we may be able to suggest ways you can maximise the use out of your images and we may shoot slightly differently to ensure the images are perfectly suited for their destination i.e. if you were wanting header photos on a website, we may look for ways in creating some panoramic images.


Motion + audio = very powerful marketing tool

Film is fairly new to us (and extremely exciting). We are fully equipped and ready to go to help you make a promotional video for your company. In addition to this, if you know you need a video but have no idea on how you want to tell your story, we can assist with a script writing service too.


When it all comes together

Creating images for your company was the first challenge and now you need to use them to produce a printed document like a brochure or business card. We can help you here too.

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