So what happens when it rains?

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It Feels Like It’s Spitting

Every bride’s worst nightmare! The weather app has the yellow sun symbol, then the day before the wedding it now displays a dark grey cloud with not one, but two drizzles.


With all the planning in the world, the one thing we can’t control is the weather. I do have a knack getting all the “good weather” so I think that I could be deemed a good luck charm, however there are still those occasional days where there is no getting round it, we’re going to get (a teeny bit) wet.

weather app


My first piece of magical advice is to say to yourself “it’s out of my hands, I’m not going to let it stress me out,” I say the same thing to myself. There are always ways we can adapt and with beautiful venues, the interiors are just as nice as outside. It’s also very rare for it to rain heavily for a whole day so if its tipping it down when it comes to doing your main “just married” shots then we can normally get you out again when its stopped.


Wedding wellies – For winter weddings or when ever the ground turns mean to your heals this is the perfect excuse to bring your colour scheme to some of your outdoor shots. Oh yes and they’ll save those Jimmy Choo’s from getting destroyed.

If it rains, there is no photoshopping caribbean skies onto your photographs, it is part of your story and whatever the weather we want you to remember it the way it was.

Throw in a little creative lighting and open up a whole new world of photographs

Wedding brollies – our saviour in times of need

Four Seasons In One Day

Sometimes the weather than can change so quickly and unexpectedly that no amount of preparation can save you from the elements. This awesome wedding I had the pleasure of working on a few years ago in Wiltshire threw us all off with erratic changes in the weather.



Bridesmaids await the bridal car. Looking gloomy but dry up until now.


Bride arrives and sky has darkened considerably.


The first raindrops fall as the bride steps out the car.


It spits a little but the heavens open just as it brightens up.



Brollies thrown to the side as the sun starts to peek through.



And as the bride and groom walk down the aisle together, you could be forgiven (by judging this photograph) thinking that this was a Mediterranean wedding, not rural England.


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