Whether you have booked your wedding for Burnham Beeches or are considering it, I wanted to share with you my view through the lens of this historic venue. I’ve been very lucky to work with a number of brides and grooms at Burnham Beeches and every time I do, it’s always a fantastic day out with the camera.


As you have got this far, you’re probably starting to think about wedding photography and how you might remember your special day. I know from the variety of photographers out there that choosing the right one for you can be quite a task. Hopefully this post will give you a good idea of how we do things in our camp.

To run over some of the most common questions we get asked, I’m going to answer the “top five” with a few words and of course photographs. And for those of you who make it to the very end, there is a special gift for you should you decide that you want to work with us.

1. So what kind of style do you do?

A huge part of your day will be covered in a photo-journalism style which pretty much means capturing events as they happen (like the ceremony and speeches).


I think that it is important to direct too. This is because everybody is different and sometimes you can literally wait forever for the magic to happen. A little direction can help, but I personally keep the “posey posey” shots down to a minimum. The art of great direction is to make the photo look authentically natural any way.


2. How long are you there for and what kind of coverage do you offer?

When you book, I commit to the entire day which is defined as bridal prepartion through to the first dance and everything in between. That will give me everything I need to tell your story.

Kicking off the day with the girls as they prepare for the big day ahead

Closing the story in style with your first dance……. Or….

….If you’re still up for a couple more photographs we can close your story on a night time shoot or depending the time of year (and the weather) a sunset shoot.

3. What happens if it rains?

Well… as they say in the business, the show must go on! We may have to adapt a little. A few rain drops isn’t really a big deal but if there are puddles outside and it’s really rainy or windy we can make use of some of the beautiful internal features of the venue.


With that being said, I am more than happy to face the elements if you’re brave enough. Check out my article on rainy day weddings – http://www.picturesinc.co.uk/so-what-happens-when-it-rains/ – you might just end up hoping for rain!

4. How long do the “formal” shots take?

So things have changed with weddings, its not all about those statuesque formal shots that take hours on end that you have to do over the noise of your guest’s bellies rumbling with hunger while they await the 50 different combinations someone told you you might need. I find that why some of these photos are still very important (not just for you but parents and grandparents too) you dont neccessarily want to sacrafice a huge part of your day doing them. You want to allow for time to do your private shoot and have some time to enjoy that part of that day as well. We will assist you with photo preparations and part of that includes giving you our special “wedding planner,” which will help with the photo logistics of the day, including the group combinations you’d like.

The big group shot is a definite!

Sometimes the more informal approach actually is a lot more desirable.

5. What are your prices?

Well this should have been number 1 as this is pretty much the first question most people ask which is totally understandable whilst undergoing the stresses of budgeting for a wedding.

In short, prices start at £1995. We offer different photograph collections, presenting them to you in a luxury designer album (check out our partners Queensberry who make our wedding albums) or in a digital format (or both).


Designer Queensberry Album

Over the years, I have turned photographs into many beautiful lifestyle items that have proven popular from parent albums, signature frames, thank you cards, wall art and so much more. These wouldn’t neccessarily be top of the priority list to start with but later on there is every chance that you may just want to decorate your home with a stunning piece of wall art from your wedding day or would like to send out professionally designed thank you card sto your guests.


Signature Frame (using photograph from engagement photo session)

6. “I though he said top five?”

I did… however there is one particular feature that I’d love to share with you as when ever we do it, it brings the house down with cheers and tears. As only a small hanful of photography companies offer this, we’re pretty proud that we’ve crafted it in such away that you get a triple whammy of value and a major feature for all your guests… So without further ado, introducing you to our “same day slideshow,” presented to you at your evening reception on a 5 ft screen. Not only do you get to enjoy the presentation at your very own wedding and woo all your guests (especially the evening guests) but you get a copy to share on facebook too and additionally, just for safe keeping, a full hd version as an mp4 file that you can save to all your devices at home.

Slide show from a Burnham Beeches wedding, first showing on their very own wedding day!

Now did I mention at the beginning of the post there was a little gift if you made it this far? Well…. If you book in for a consultation and as a result book one of our package collections (by the date specified in the email you received), then we’ll give you a whopping 75% discount of the same day slide show. Thats £100 instead of the usual £400.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you’d like to discuss photography for your wedding, just drop me a line at paul@picturesinc.co.uk




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